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The Performance and Quality of Insulating Materials Determines Motor Life

The insulating material is an important part of the motor, which is used in electromagnetic wire, winding and iron core, and inter-turn. The insulating materials used in different insulating structures of motor winding are quite different, for example, the insulating material used in low-voltage motors and high-voltage motors have great differences.
The main function of insulating material is separating conductors in different parts of the motor so that the current can flow in a predetermined direction. The insulating material is a relatively weak part of the motor, and many faults occur in the insulating part, so it should have good dielectric properties, high insulation resistance and strength, and its good heat resistance should be good enough, which will not cause performance changes due to the prolonged exposure to the heat. 
The mass stability and reliability of electrical insulating materials are the basis of motor normal operation. The function and working limit of the motor are largely determined by the variety, quality, and quantity of the using insulating materials. Advanced insulating materials and insulation technology play an important role in improving the performance-cost ratio and power-weight ratio of motors.
In the motor, the insulating material is most prone to damage caused by external factors. Once it is damaged, the motor will lose working performance, and may even happen greater equipment faults. Thus, insulating material is the determining factor of motor working life and safe reliability.
Different insulation grades of motors correspond to different insulation performance requirements. The performance requirements of B-Class, F-Class, H-Class, and so on are one of the requirements for insulating materials. 
From the analysis of motor winding working performance, on one hand, the insulating material is insulating electrical, on the other hand, during the winding. When the insulating material is affected by high temperature, corrosion, and other factors, the inherent insulation characteristic of the insulating material will be changed, so the motor's actual working condition should be evaluated qualitatively or quantitatively when choosing motor insulation.
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