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Our products are central parts of household, industrial vacuum cleaners,
spray guns, hair dryers, garden tools.

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Zhoushan Yehao Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd is professional China BLDC Vacuum Cleaning Motors Manufacturers and OEM BLDC motor Suppliers, we offer wholesale BLDC motor for sale at factory price. We have 20 years of rich experience supplying all kinds of domestic and industrial vacuum motors all over the world. The company passed ISO9001 and products also got CCC, CE, ROHS, REACH and other related certifications. Looking forward to your choice.

Our company has set its strategic objective which is “ high quality , High precious ,Best Service ”.We improve products with technology and take innovation as the goal of development in order to design, manufacture and produce various types of motors for the market. Our company's main products: professional production of various household and industrial vacuum cleaner motors, electric fan motors for spray guns, hair dryers ,power tools motor and other categories motors.The company passed ISO9001 and products also got CCC, CE, ROHS, REACH and other related certifications.

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BLDC motor Industry Knowledge Extension

What are the characteristics of BLDC motor
  1) The motor is small in size and lighter in weight. For asynchronous motors, since the rotor is composed of a toothed and slotted iron core, the slots are used to place the induction winding to induce current and generate torque. The outer diameter of all rotors should not be too small , With a brushed DC motor, the outer diameter cannot be reduced even if the armature winding is placed on the rotor. At the same time, the existence of the mechanical commutator also limits the reduction of the outer diameter, and the armature winding of the BLDC motor is on the stator, so the outer diameter of the rotor can be relatively reduced.
2) The loss of the motor is small. This is because the brushes are canceled and the mechanical commutation is replaced by electronic commutation, thus eliminating the friction loss and electrical loss of the motor. At the same time, there is no magnetic winding on the rotor, so the electrical loss is eliminated. The magnetic field does not generate iron losses on the rotor.
3) The motor generates less heat, which is due to the small loss of the motor. At the same time, the armature winding of the motor is on the stator and is directly connected to the casing, so the heat dissipation condition is good and the heat transfer coefficient is large.
4) High efficiency. Although BLDC motors are widely used and have a large power range, different types of motors can be replaced, and the application efficiency of different products is also different. In fan products, the efficiency can be increased by 20-30%.
5) The speed regulation performance is good. For the BLDC motor, the potentiometer is used to adjust the voltage to realize stepless or gear speed regulation, as well as PWM duty ratio speed regulation and pulse frequency speed regulation.
6) Low noise, small interference, low energy consumption, large starting torque, and no mechanical friction caused by reversing.
7) High reliability, long life, eliminating the need for brushes to eliminate the source of the main fault of the motor, the electronic commutation motor heat is reduced, and the life of the motor is extended.
8) Geographical advantages: my country is a kingdom of rare earths, and the research on the use of rare earth materials for BLDC motors has reached the international leading level in my country. Therefore, the cost of BLDC motors is more prominent than that of foreign countries, and there are inherent conditions to drive the development of BLDC motor applications in my country.

Application fields of BLDC motor:
At present, BLDC motor has achieved mass production and application in many domestic industries, which has improved the competitiveness of products and promoted the birth of new products for new applications. At present, it is mainly divided into industrial control categories: such as brushless electric tools, brushless sewing machines, Brush electric vehicle motor control, AGV car, medical equipment, vacuum pump, brushless production equipment assembly line, BLDC motor door (gate, translation door, rolling gate, advertising door) and industrial fan; home appliances: washing machine, air conditioner, air purifier, pumping Range hoods, electric fans, drones; automobiles: electric tricycles, four-wheelers, station wagons, park cars, electric forklifts, electric trucks, electric buses and other industries.