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4 Main Reasons For The High Unit Price Of BLDC Motor

  In recent years, brushless motors have been applied in many application industries. They are favored by users for their advantages of long life, low noise, high speed, and high power. However, there is also a problem that bothers many customers who want to use brushless motors. Why is the price of the BLDC motor so high? high?

  Understand the reasons for the high price of brushless motors:

  1. There is permanent magnet steel on the rotor of the brushless motor to establish the main magnetic field of the motor, which is energy-saving and efficient. The rotor has no current, the motor has low heat generation, the small size can generate more power, the output of the motor per unit volume is large, and the power density of the motor is high.

  2. Brushless motors are the evolution of brushed motors. Its working principle is to replace the brush commutation of the DC brushed motor with electronic commutation, so there is no spark caused by mechanical commutation, and it can run at high speed. Because there is no need to replace the carbon brush regularly, the motor will have higher reliability and Better protection performance, suitable for various working environments.

  3. The brushless motor has no brushes, so the friction force is greatly reduced during operation, the operation is stable, and the noise is also reduced a lot. There is no carbon brush voltage drop problem at low speed and high current, and it can also operate normally at low speed and high current, and the maximum speed can reach tens of thousands of revolutions.

  4. Drive control is required, brushless motors can only run, start and stop or control speed.

  In addition, high-quality materials, molds, and parts must be selected. Many production processes need to introduce advanced automation equipment and develop efficient tooling, and testing instruments are more accurate and strict than the original ones. Many aspects require motor factories to pay higher costs than brushed cars.

  Through the description of the above 4 points, you should understand why the unit price of brushless motors is so high.

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