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Our products are central parts of household, industrial vacuum cleaners,
spray guns, hair dryers, garden tools.

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Zhoushan Yehao Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd is professional China Dry vacuum cleaner motor Manufacturers and OEM Dry vacuum cleaner motor Suppliers, we offer wholesale Dry Suction Motors for sale at factory price. We have 20 years of rich experience supplying all kinds of domestic and industrial vacuum motors all over the world. The company passed ISO9001 and products also got CCC, CE, ROHS, REACH and other related certifications. Looking forward to your choice.

Our company has set its strategic objective which is “ high quality , High precious ,Best Service ”.We improve products with technology and take innovation as the goal of development in order to design, manufacture and produce various types of motors for the market. Our company's main products: professional production of various household and industrial vacuum cleaner motors, electric fan motors for spray guns, hair dryers ,power tools motor and other categories motors.The company passed ISO9001 and products also got CCC, CE, ROHS, REACH and other related certifications.

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Dry vacuum cleaner motor Industry Knowledge Extension

Where is the dry vacuum cleaner motor suitable for?
Vacuum cleaners are divided into two types: dry type and wet and dry dual-use. Mid-to-high-end products even include functions such as mite removal and integrated suction and mopping.
For household use, a dry vacuum cleaner motor is usually sufficient. If there are children or furry children at home, you can consider choosing a wet and dry model or a vacuum cleaner with mite removal function. Friends who have a private car can also consider using a handheld vacuum cleaner.

What are the disadvantages of dry vacuum cleaner motor?
Nowadays, household wet and dry vacuum cleaners can be used both dry and wet, while the filter and integrated bags of traditional dry vacuum cleaner motors cannot be wetted, so water inhalation should be avoided when using them. However, wet and dry vacuum cleaners can absorb both dust and water, and are even called vacuum cleaners.

The working principle of dry vacuum cleaner motor
There are many types of vacuum cleaners produced at home and abroad, and their working principles are basically the same. The impeller of the fan is driven by the motor at high speed, and the blades in the impeller continuously do work on the air, so that the air in the impeller obtains energy, and the fan discharges it at high speed. At the same time, the air vacuuming part in front of the fan continuously replenishes the air in the impeller, thus forming an instantaneous vacuum dust collection area, that is, a very high negative pressure difference is formed between the dust collection area and the external atmospheric pressure. Under the influence of the negative pressure difference, the waste near the suction nozzle The waste and dust flow into the vacuum cleaner, pass through the filter screen inside the vacuum cleaner, the waste and dust enter the ash storage box, and then the vacuum cleaner is discharged from the room to complete the entire dust collection process.