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Our products are central parts of household, industrial vacuum cleaners,
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Zhoushan Yehao Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd is professional China Shaded pole motor Manufacturers and OEM Shaded pole motor Suppliers, we offer wholesale Shaded pole motor for sale at factory price. We have 20 years of rich experience supplying all kinds of domestic and industrial vacuum motors all over the world. The company passed ISO9001 and products also got CCC, CE, ROHS, REACH and other related certifications. Looking forward to your choice.

Our company has set its strategic objective which is “ high quality , High precious ,Best Service ”.We improve products with technology and take innovation as the goal of development in order to design, manufacture and produce various types of motors for the market. Our company's main products: professional production of various household and industrial vacuum cleaner motors, electric fan motors for spray guns, hair dryers ,power tools motor and other categories motors.The company passed ISO9001 and products also got CCC, CE, ROHS, REACH and other related certifications.

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Shaded pole motor Industry Knowledge Extension

The key aspects of shaded pole motors

Stator and Rotor Interaction
At the core of shaded pole motors is the interaction between the stator and rotor. The stator, typically composed of laminated iron cores wound with copper coils, plays a pivotal role in generating the alternating magnetic field necessary for motor operation. When an alternating current (AC) voltage is applied to the stator windings, it induces a magnetic field with constantly changing polarity.
The rotor, on the other hand, is a solid, cylindrical core made of magnetic material, such as iron. This rotor is placed within the stator but is free to rotate. Due to the principles of electromagnetic induction, the constantly changing magnetic field generated by the stator windings induces an opposing magnetic field in the rotor. These opposing magnetic fields lead to torque production, setting the rotor in motion.
Shading Coil: The Heart of the Operation
One of the defining features of shaded pole motors is the presence of a shading coil, which is a critical component responsible for initiating rotation. This coil is typically made of copper and is wound around a portion of the stator poles.
When the AC voltage is applied to the stator windings, the shading coil plays a crucial role in creating a phase shift in the magnetic field. This phase shift results in one side of the stator pole lagging behind in magnetic induction compared to the other side. Consequently, an imbalance in the magnetic forces is created, producing a directional torque. This torque is what initiates the rotation of the rotor.
It's important to note that this unidirectional rotation is a distinctive characteristic of shaded pole motors, and it makes them particularly suitable for applications that require consistent and continuous motion in a single direction.
Magnetic Field and Induction
The operation of shaded pole motors is grounded in the principles of electromagnetism and Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. Faraday's law states that a changing magnetic field induces an electromotive force (EMF) in a conductor. In the case of shaded pole motors, the varying magnetic field produced by the stator induces a voltage in the rotor, leading to the generation of torque and, consequently, motor rotation.
The shading coil, as mentioned earlier, introduces a phase shift in the magnetic field by causing one side of the stator pole to lag in magnetic induction. This phase shift ensures that the motor rotates in a specific direction, known as unipolar rotation.
Starting Mechanism
Shaded pole motors are known for their inherent self-starting capability. Unlike some other types of single-phase induction motors, such as split-phase or capacitor-start motors, shaded pole motors do not require additional starting mechanisms like capacitors or auxiliary windings to initiate rotation. This simplifies the motor's design and operation.
The self-starting feature is made possible by the shading coil's ability to create the necessary phase shift in the magnetic field. As soon as power is applied to the motor, the shading coil goes to work, ensuring that the rotor begins to rotate in the desired direction.
Unipolar Rotation
A unique aspect of shaded pole motors is their unipolar rotation, which means they rotate in one direction. This unidirectional rotation is a direct result of the shading coil's design and placement. As mentioned earlier, the shading coil introduces a phase shift that causes the rotor to turn in a specific direction.
The unipolar rotation of shaded pole motors is advantageous in applications where consistent and continuous motion in a single direction is required. However, it's worth noting that these motors are not easily reversible, and altering their rotation direction typically requires design modifications or additional mechanical components.
Simple and Robust Design
The simplicity of shaded pole motors is a key factor contributing to their reliability and cost-effectiveness. They feature fewer components compared to more complex motor types, which not only reduces manufacturing costs but also enhances their overall robustness. The absence of additional starting mechanisms, such as capacitors or auxiliary windings, simplifies the motor and reduces points of failure.