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Steam Cleaner Motors Custom

Our products are central parts of household, industrial vacuum cleaners,
spray guns, hair dryers, garden tools.

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Zhoushan Yehao Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd is professional China Electric Vacuum Cleaner Motors suppliers and OEM Steam Cleaner Motors company, we offer custom Electric Vacuum Cleaner Motors for sale at factory price. We have 20 years of rich experience supplying all kinds of domestic and industrial vacuum motors all over the world. The company passed ISO9001 and products also got CCC, CE, ROHS, REACH and other related certifications. Looking forward to your choice.

Our company has set its strategic objective which is “ high quality , High precious ,Best Service ”.We improve products with technology and take innovation as the goal of development in order to design, manufacture and produce various types of motors for the market. Our company's main products: professional production of various household and industrial vacuum cleaner motors, electric fan motors for spray guns, hair dryers ,power tools motor and other categories motors.The company passed ISO9001 and products also got CCC, CE, ROHS, REACH and other related certifications.

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Product Industry Knowledge Extension

How much power should be selected for electric vacuum cleaner motors?
The power required for different areas is different. The greater the power, the higher the efficiency. For houses above 120 square meters, it is recommended to choose 1500 watts of electric vacuum cleaner motors; for 90 square meters, one kilowatt is about the same. If the home is just wooden and tiled floors, the power can be lower. If there are carpets in the home, the power can be higher to absorb the dirt in the carpet.
However, the higher the power of household electric vacuum cleaner motors, the better the effect, but the noise is also relatively large. The choice of power mainly depends on the materials at home and personal needs. However, many household electric vacuum cleaner motors now have gear adjustment, that is, power adjustment, and the choice will become more flexible.
Household electric vacuum cleaner motors have two powers, one is the use power and the other is the suction power. The use power is the embodiment of power consumption, and the suction power is the embodiment of suction. The ratio between the two is the efficiency of the electric vacuum cleaner motors. good.

How to choose electric vacuum cleaner motors?
To choose electric vacuum cleaner motors, you need to consider many factors such as dust bucket capacity, power, specification, type, applicable star rating, etc. For example, the types include cyclone dust collector, pulse dust collector, battery type, bag filter, centrifugal dust collector, etc.; The barrel capacity is 80L, 70L, 60L, 15L, 30L, 100L, etc.; the power is 5500W, 2200W, 1200W, 8100W, etc.
The price of electric vacuum cleaner motors is about several thousand yuan each, the cheap one is one or two thousand yuan, and the expensive one is one or two thousand yuan.

Is there any requirement for the speed of steam cleaner motors?
Steam cleaner motors have very high requirements for speed, which needs to be 20,000-30,000 revolutions per minute, so it is necessary to use series-excited motors to achieve the goal.