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Which brand of household vacuum cleaner is good?

In recent years, household dust removal products such as vacuum cleaners have received more and more attention and recognition from consumers, and many families use them as an indispensable helper for efficient household dust removal. Many users said: When you really get started, you will find that an easy-to-use vacuum cleaner can really allow you to easily and efficiently achieve household dust removal.
So, are vacuum cleaners really that useful? Which brand of vacuum cleaner is the best? To judge whether a vacuum cleaner is good or not, you still need to start from the following aspects:
1. Suction level and noise control
To see whether a vacuum cleaner sucks cleanly, the first thing to look at is the suction power. The greater the suction power, the more significant the dust removal effect of the vacuum cleaner. In addition, if the vacuum cleaner is very loud when it is working, it will undoubtedly affect daily life. Therefore, while taking into account the suction power, we must also pay attention to the noise decibels generated by the vacuum cleaner and the noise reduction treatment to ensure that the purchased machine has both lasting suction power and ultra-low noise.
2. Brush head configuration
Multifunctional vacuum cleaners can further meet consumers' needs for household dust removal. If a vacuum cleaner wants to achieve multi-function, it must not only have strong suction, but also have a rich brush head configuration, which can be used to clean the ground, desktop, sofa, cabinet, ceiling and other hygienic scenes through free disassembly and combination, " With one fell swoop", dust removal is more efficient.
3. Operation convenience
Although the cordless vacuum cleaner is free from the shackles of wires, the flexible design of the machine still affects our experience. For example, the free rotation setting of the floor brush makes it unnecessary for users to bend down or even lie on the ground to clean low spaces such as sofas; the power display design on the fuselage allows you to know the power status of the machine at all times; the upright design can Avoid users bending over to place it, reducing labor intensity... The seemingly inconspicuous design will bring you unexpected convenience.
First of all, we bring you two international brand vacuum cleaners:
1. Feiner TOMEFON vacuum cleaner
As a well-known brand in the global cleaning appliance industry, TOMEFON has been focusing on the household cleaning industry for 44 years. From research and development, manufacturing to creation, today, TOMEFON's indoor purification products sell well in many countries and regions around the world, and have always maintained a leading position in global sales. The brand strength should not be underestimated.
In terms of cost performance, the TOMEFON vacuum cleaner is unmatched at the same level. It has seized the most market share with its super high cost performance. From the sales data of each quarter in 2020, it is Fei who has won the top sales in a row. Nano TOMEFON vacuum cleaner. The latest TOMEFON wireless vacuum cleaner is equipped with an intelligent digital dust removal system, which can intelligently sense the amount of dust, analyze the amount of fine dust through infrared rays, automatically adjust the power level, and change the suction power, so that the whole house can be cleaned at the fingertips.
2. Dyson vacuum cleaner
The Dyson brand originated from the United Kingdom. Its founder is James Dyson, the designer of the dust-free bag. The company is also named after it. The brand strength and popularity are very high. Dyson has launched a number of vacuum cleaner products with better performance. Among them, the most representative one is the Dyson Omini-glide universal vacuum cleaner. Outstanding Performance Award.
In today's era when domestic products continue to be strong, there are many domestic brands that can keep pace with imported brands, with the obvious advantages of high praise rate and high cost performance. Let's take a look at which brands are on the list.
1. Lake vacuum cleaner
Lake Electric was established in December 1994, and its English name is Kingclean (meaning "King of Cleaning"). Lake has been a listed company focusing on the research and development, design, production and sales of household cleaning series electrical products, and its high-speed commutator motor and centrifugal fan technology are internationally renowned. As a high-end brand among domestic vacuum cleaner brands, Lake Vacuum Cleaner launched the world's first super digital motor high-suction multi-function wireless vacuum cleaner Mojie in 2015, condensed 18 invention patents, and won the Chinese vacuum cleaner market share champion in one fell swoop. The share reached 29.3%.
The puppy vacuum cleaner
Puppy Electric is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development and sales of cleaning appliances. Its main products are sweeping robots, vacuum cleaners and other products. The puppy cordless vacuum cleaner not only has strong suction, but also has a front and rear double roller brush body up to 3000rpm to achieve a stronger cleaning effect. In addition, its mites removal rate is as high as 99.99%, and it is powerful and deep to remove mites. This is also not available in many similar products.
3. Xiaomi vacuum cleaner
Officially established in April 2010, Xiaomi is an Internet company centered on mobile phones, smart hardware and IoT platforms. At the moment when cleaning products such as vacuum cleaners are prevalent, we always insist on making good products that are "moving people's hearts and prices are kind". The Xiaomi company has also launched its own vacuum cleaner products. Xiaomi vacuum cleaners continue the consistent cost-effective style of Xiaomi appliances, and strive to make consumers Users can enjoy a better life brought by technology at a more reasonable price. Once the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner was launched, it was strongly sought after by Mi fans.
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